WORKIT Grant Funding

WORKIT Grant Funding is available to all Nova Scotia regional school boards and Mi'Kmaw Kina'matnewey to help increase awareness and provide exploratory opportunities for junior and senior high school students across the province.  To receive funding, interested schools must submit a proposal to their Community-Based Learning Consultant at the appropriate regional school board or the MK representative. For more information about this funding opportunity, download the WORKIT Grant Funding guidelines.

English (PDF); French (PDF)

Personal Protective Equipment Info Sheet

English (PDF); French (PDF)

Available Templates:

Workit Grant Proposal     English (PDF); French (PDF)

School Funding Report     English (PDF); French (PDF)

Activity Report                English (PDF); French (PDF)

Adobe Reader 7 or higher is required to save any information in the above templates.  Download Adobe Reader for free.  

WORKIT Grant Funding Program Guidelines - used when completing activity and financial reports in LaMPSS

WORKIT Youth Apprenticeship Presentation - provides a general overview of apprenticeship training

Educational Resources - workplace activity sets designed for educators who are interested in linking academic skills with workplace applications and providing students with authentic career information. Hard copies are available from the Construction Sector Council free of charge.

Using Trades Math (PDF)

Plain Language for Construction (PDF)

Essential Skills Activities for Trades (PDF)

Measuring Your Skills (PDF)

Workit: A Guide to Youth Apprenticeship

English (PDF);  French (PDF)

This guide provides information for youth, educators and employers about apprenticeship training and youth apprenticeship.

Educators Guide to Apprenticeship (PDF)

A resource to help you and your students learn about apprenticeship and the benefits of a career in the skilled trades. Some trades related lesson plans are included.

Interactive Trade Activities

Mortorcycle Mechanic

Trade Off - Bricklayer vs. Electrician

Collaborative Apprenticeship


Provides various ready made activities for you to use with your students to promote apprenticeship and trades awareness.  Activities are available at the beginner and advanced levels and can be printed or completed on-line.

Available Services

Information related to the Apprenticeship system and careers in the skilled trades is presented and available in various forms:

• presentations and workshops available for youth and educators,

• professional development offered to educators about careers in the skilled trades and the services of the Apprenticeship Training and Skill Development Division,

• classroom resources with suggested activities for educators about careers in the skilled trades and

• a contact person to assist educators to navigate the Apprenticeship system.

Career Exploration through Cooperative Education Credits and Community Work Placement Programs

Students who are enrolled in a cooperative education placement in the skilled trades will be able to document hours gained through their work placement for credit toward a formal apprenticeship. This will provide them with an opportunity to get a head start on their future careers while still in high school.

If you have contact with youth who have left school early, and/or are not attached to the labour market, there are various community programs available which will match them to an employer in the designated skilled trades. These youth are able to count their practical hours toward a future apprenticeship if they decide to pursue a career in a designated trade.

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